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by Murderous_Prime at 02:09 PM January 18, 2012
This is a sort of spiritual successor to Christopher Nolans "The Dark Night". The Joker in this GN has the same facial scarring as Heath Ledger(R.I.P) in that movie and is easily as sociopathic if not more so. It's a good look into the mind of a desperate and deranged individual, and the type of people he attracts. Joker is more cut-throat and crazy than ever. I'd love to see this joker as "the" Joker in the main cannon. Not only is the story wonderful, but the artwork is beautiful in a gritty, Gotham sort of way. The palette and intricacies of the drawing and shading bring a sense of depth and danger to the streets of Gotham. You can almost feel the Batman hiding just out of frame, in the shadows, stalking his prey. A Striking look into the madness that is Joker.
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