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Dragon Age Vol. 3
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Dragon Age (Dark Horse)

Publication Information

Artist: Chad Hardin
Mark Robinson
Author: David Gaider
Orson Card
Aaron Johnston
Cover: Michael Atiyeh
David Palumbo
Piers Anthony
Humberto Ramos
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics


by spammer_tomcrude12 at 06:25 PM January 24, 2010    (all reviews by spammer_tomcrude12)
Blood dragon armour is amazing, when you get the meteorite cut scence go to the Wardens keep and get starfang made for you. Use your warrior as a tank and take damage, use Leliana or Zeveran to flank and either Wynee or Morrigan to either deal damage or heal. Bullet_arrow_up Bullet_arrow_down 0 pts.



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