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Walking Dead Vol. 25
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Walking Dead

Publication Information

Artist: Charlie Adlard
Cliff Rathburn
Tony Moore
Author: Robert Kirkman
Cover: Charlie Adlard
Cliff Rathburn
Tony Moore
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Image Comics


by Sunshine at 07:16 PM March 20, 2013    (all reviews by Sunshine)
Who doesn't like "The Walking Dead"? The believability of the story (considering it takes place during a zombie apocalypse) will leave you dreaming of zombie shootouts with Rick and Carl every night. Furthermore, the character development is so effective, I feel like I've lost a friend every time someone becomes dinner. Still not sure if it's worth buying? Watch an episode for free on the tube. If you like what you see, you'll love owning the books.
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by Grace5ive at 07:09 PM December 30, 2012    (all reviews by Grace5ive)
Hands down my all time favorite horror comic series. 5/5. Amazing. Great story lines and horror.
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by grimghost71 at 09:28 AM November 06, 2012    (all reviews by grimghost71)
In horror comics, this series can't be beat. I can't recommend this book to enough people (especially those not satisfied with the TV series). Been on board since issue 35 and haven't stopped reading since!
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by scaredofducks at 01:52 PM October 20, 2012    (all reviews by scaredofducks)
Some people think it's getting stale, but it's one of my most anticipated pulls each month. If you haven't read any of it, I HIGHLY suggest getting the first trade and seeing what you think.
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by dudeskis at 08:00 AM May 11, 2012    (all reviews by dudeskis)
the reason i got back into comics after almost 20 years.
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by Gup at 11:24 AM June 10, 2011    (all reviews by Gup)
This series is what got me into comic books. It really grips you and takes you for a ride. Rich character development and amazing artwork.
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by Ryan at 09:58 PM November 13, 2010    (all reviews by Ryan)
At first this series seemed like an ordinary zombie comic. I said At first. What makes this series unique, more so than any other zombie story ever told, is that its not just about the zombies. This is a character driven story which at the same time incorporates the very real threat of living in apocalyptic world. At any moment someone will die, could be that guy who showed up for an issue or it could be the guy you've known for fifty. What I'm saying is that in regards to feeling "realistic" and having it in a zombie story: this is the best story you will ever find. Don't just take it from me, look at the other reviews or just take a look at how damn well it is selling. The TPBs are always reprinting, there's a TV show, and they are reprinting the entire comic book series as "The Walking Dead weekly". If you are not reading this series then you are seriously missing out.
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by rocksteady at 04:35 PM November 01, 2009    (all reviews by rocksteady)
i love zombies! this is a great series with a solid foundation and terrific character develoment to the brutal end.
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by Nicholas at 11:10 AM August 17, 2009    (all reviews by Nicholas)
I'm one of those zombie fans that hates it when the credits roll on a movie. I want to see more. I want to know how people survive. What they use for defenses, how they cope with living while still defending themselves. This is a great series and I've been a fan since page one.
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by David at 06:54 AM December 30, 2008    (all reviews by David)
I agree - my favorite book being published now too. I read something Kirkman wrote early on in the series. He said (paraphrasing) "I love zombie movies except for one thing - they end. I wanted to essentially create a zombie movie that never ends, that allowed characters to change over time ...", which is where he got the idea for The Walking Dead. Right then, I knew I was hooked. The writing is fantastic and I can't imagine the art being as effective in color as it is in b&w. If you like zombies or horror comics, you owe it to yourself to read this series.
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by Pepper at 01:05 PM January 04, 2009
All I can say is, Kick Ass.. If You like Zombie Horror, do not pass this one up!
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by Nicholas at 12:02 AM April 10, 2008    (all reviews by Nicholas)
This is probably my favorite book being released now. This comic is much more than a conventional Romero knockoff zombie flick put to paper. The black and white artwork is absolutely stunning and helps to create a sense of despair that runs throughout the series. Robert Kirkman is one of my favorite writers and he's really at his finest here. As others have mentioned the characters are quite believable much of the time and for the most part not frustratingly idiotic like the characters of so many horror flicks. As you read The Walking Dead, you will likely grow attached to Kirkman's characters. He makes you empathize with their trials and tribulations. The way in which the author makes you feel energized by the group's successes and feel pained by their losses is an amazing achievement. If you pick up only one new book this year let it be this one.
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by luke_blanks7 at 08:34 AM March 18, 2008    (all reviews by luke_blanks7)
The beautiful thing about this comic is that it plays on the ultimate survival technique....FEAR. It makes you human. By far some of the best writing i've seen in a while.
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by Shane at 08:15 AM November 16, 2007    (all reviews by Shane)
This starts off like a great classic zombie movie... What makes it unique is that the hits keep coming when most movies would have long since rolled the credits. The characters are smart, capable, emotionally true to life, and totally doomed. This spectacular series breathes new life into the entire horror genre.
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by TJIC at 03:41 PM October 17, 2007    (all reviews by TJIC)
Walking Dead made me realize that a topic usually treated just in "horror" comics could be done stunningly well.  Robert Kirkman's artwork is perfect, and Robert Kirkman's writing really delivers the goods.
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by Brandon at 06:08 PM November 11, 2007
Probably just a typo TJIC, but I think you meant Charlie Adlard's artwork. ;)
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by luke_blanks7 at 08:00 AM April 24, 2008
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by skaterdad-j.b at 04:30 PM September 20, 2012
just wanted to say thanks for recommending Walking Dead to me. I just got the first two books off of a friend and so far I like :)
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