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Avengers and/or X-Men

Uncanny Avengers Vol. 3
Uncanny Avengers (old series)
A Plus X Vol. 3
A Plus X
All New X Men Vol. 7
All New X Men (2012-2015)
Avengers Vol. 6
X Men Legacy Vol. 4
X Men Legacy
Avengers Arena Vol. 3
Avengers Arena
Cable And X Force Vol. 4
Cable And X Force
New Avengers Vol. 4
New Avengers (2013 +)
Uncanny X Force Vol. 3
Uncanny X Force
Young Avengers (2012 Renumbering) #15 (Cover #1)
Young Avengers (2012 Renumbering)
Secret Avengers (2012 Renumbering) #14 (Cover #1)
Secret Avengers (2012 Renumbering)
Uncanny X Men Vol. 5
Uncanny X Men (2010 +)
X Men Vol. 5
X Men

Solo Characters

Captain America Prem Vol. 5
Captain America
Deadpool Vol. 8
Deadpool (2012-2015)
Indestructible Hulk Vol. 4
Indestructible Hulk
Iron Man Prem Vol. 5 Rings Of Mandarin Hardcover
Iron Man
Thor God Of Thunder Vol. 4
Thor God Of Thunder
Morbius Living Vampire #9 (Cover #1)
Morbius Living Vampire
Savage Wolverine Vol. 4
Savage Wolverine
Superior Spider Man Vol. 6
Superior Spider Man
Alpha Big Time
Alpha Big Time
Nova Vol. 6
Nova (2014)
Wolverine (2013 Renumbering) #13 (Cover #1)
Wolverine (2013 Renumbering)

Other Teams

Fantastic Four Vol. 2
Fantastic Four (2012 Renumbering)
Thunderbolts Vol. 5
Fearless Defenders Vol. 2
Fearless Defenders
Guardians Of Galaxy Vol. 5
Guardians Of Galaxy (2014)

Not Renumbered (Look for NOW emblems)

Thor Visionaries Walt Simonson Vol. 5
Thor/Journey Into Mystery
Avengers Assemble By Bendis Vol. 1 Hardcover
Avengers Assemble
Red Hulk Vol. 7 Scorched Earth
Red She-Hulk (formerly Hulk)
Wolverine And X Men By Jason Aaron Vol. 4
Wolverine And X Men (2011-2013)
Captain Marvel Vol. 2
Captain Marvel (2012 series)
Daredevil By Mark Waid Vol. 7
Daredevil By Mark Waid
Hawkeye Vol. 5
Hawkeye (2012)

Point One (Introductory)

Marvel Now Point One #1 (Cover #1)
Marvel Now Point One


Avengers Assemble Annual #1 (Cover #1)
Avengers Assemble Annual


Thanos Rising Vol. 1 Hardcover
Thanos Rising