Lone Wolf & Cub :: Lone Wolf & Cub Vol. 9 Echo Of The Assassin

Lone Wolf & Cub Vol. 9 Echo Of The Assassin
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Lone Wolf & Cub Vol. 9 Echo Of The Assassin

by KAZUO KOIKE and GOSEKI KOJIMA; cover by FRANK MILLER and LYNN VARLEY Water, death, and angry ninja take the foreground in this exciting volume of the legendary Lone Wolf and Cub series! A pitiful ferryboat girl discovers the tragic ways of 'A Wife of the Heart,' as the Lone Wolf, Ogami Itto, stands against the man she loves. In 'Wayward Swords,' a rogue swordsman-for-hire learns a valuable lesson about Bushido, the Way of the Warrior, from the Lone Wolf. Afterwards, Ogami once again must face the treachery of the Kurokuwa ninja clan, then becomes a river porter to foil the secret plans of his enemy, the Yagyu clan, and in doing so declaring war against them all! The Lone Wolf's actions lead to a nationwide manhunt and an epic, bloody battle unlike any in comics. Don't dare miss a volume of the series that belongs on every bookshelf: Lone Wolf and Cub. SC, 288pg, b&w, 4' x 6'

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Artist: Goseki Kojima
Author: Kazuo Koike
Cover: Frank Miller
Estimated Ship Date: May 26, 2009
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Genre: Action/Adventure
ISBN: 9781569715109
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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