Lone Wolf & Cub :: Lone Wolf & Cub Vol. 1 The Assassins Road

Lone Wolf & Cub Vol. 1 The Assassins Road
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Lone Wolf & Cub Vol. 1 The Assassins Road

by Kazuo Koike & Goseki Kojima Dark Horse Comics is proud to present one of the authentic landmarks in graphic fiction, Lone Wolf and Cub, to be published in its entirety for the first time in America. An epic samurai adventure of staggering proportions - over 7000 pages - Lone Wolf and Cub (Kozure Okami in Japan) is acknowledged worldwide for the brilliant writing of series creator Kazuo Koike and the groundbreaking cinematic visuals of the late Goseki Kojima, creating unforgettable imagery of stark beauty, kinetic fury, and visceral thematic power that influenced a generation of visual storytellers both in Japan and in the West. Don't miss this monumental release, 28 volumes, with each collection approximately 300 pages! SC, 4x6, 296pg, b&w

Publication Information

Artist: Goseki Kojima
Author: Kazuo Koike
Cover: Frank Miller
Estimated Ship Date: May 19, 2009
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Genre: Action/Adventure
ISBN: 9781569715024
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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