Asterix Omnibus Vol. 3 Softcover

Asterix Omnibus Vol. 3 Softcover
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Graphic Novel Summary: Three great Asterix titles in one! In Asterix and the Big Fight, the Romans persuade a Gaulish chief to challenge Vitalstatistix to single combat - and everyone's caught up in a battle to save their home. Asterix in Britain finds our hero and his friend Obelix rushing to the aid of a British village trying hold out against Roman invaders. But will bad English food, drink, and weather do the Gauls in first? The Gauls face a Norman invasion in Asterix and the Normans. Can Asterix and his friends teach their enemies the meaning of fear?

Codes: 9781444004885


Price: $19.95
$15.96 (20% off)
Artist: Albert Uderzo
Author: Rene Goscinny
Cover: Albert Uderzo
Estimated Ship Date: May 6, 2014
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ISBN: 9781444004885
Publisher: Sterling Publishing
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