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Moon & Blood Vol. 1
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Moon & Blood Vol. 1

When high schooler Sayaka awoke one morning, to her surprise, she found an unexpected guest at the family kitchen table- Kai. A cool, handsome and aloof character, a so-called family friend of Sayaka's father, his temporary stay in her household and attendance to Sayaka's school, is more than she's bargained for. But what secrets does Kai hold and what are his true intentions for his sudden appearance into Sayaka's life? Why does he excel so well in school but sleep through every class? Where does he disappear every night? Will Sayaka find her answers? Or will her curiosity get her into trouble? And what is up with that black cat?

Publication Information

Artist: Nao Yazawa
Author: Nao Yazawa
Cover: Nao Yazawa
Estimated Ship Date: March 26, 2013
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ISBN: 9781569702071
Publisher: Digital Manga Distribution
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