Icons Dc & Wildstorm Art Of Jim Lee Nycc Excl
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Icons Dc & Wildstorm Art Of Jim Lee Nycc Excl

(A) Jim Lee (W) Bill Baker Icons: The DC & WildStorm Art of Jim Lee profiles the career of DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee, from his work on characters such as Batman and Superman to his legion of WildStorm heroes, including WildC.A.T.s, Divine Right, and Deathblow. The volume contains hundreds of full-color illustrations and some rarities from his personal files, spanning his entire career, some of which have not been seen before! This unique New York Comic Con Exclusive Edition comes in a beautiful printed slipcase containing a lithograph in an envelope, the standard edition book with a variant dustjacket, and a Jim Lee signed-and-numbered tip-in sheet.

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Artist: Jim Lee
Author: Bill Baker
Cover: Jim Lee
Estimated Ship Date: February 22, 2011
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ISBN: 9781845768317
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by misakix at 09:16 AM January 05, 2012    (all reviews by misakix)
For those of us that has followed Jim Lee from his days at Marvel to his current powerhouse status in DC comes a beautifully published book called Icons DC & Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee. This book not only showcases his beautiful artwork of DC and Wildstorm characters but is structured around an interview by comics journalist Bill Baker. It is a beautifully designed book and should be in everyone's artist library! Unlike the regular edition, the book comes with a nice slipcase and a signed and numbered tip-in sheet. It was a NYCC exclusive that was available via Titan publishing at the 2010 show but is now available outside the show!
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