7 Psychopaths

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7 Psychopaths
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Graphic Novel Summary: With World War II in full swing, there's only one way to draw it to a quick close: assassinate Hitler. But who would be insane enough to try? Joshua Goldschmidt knows just the men to do it. Insane, psychotic, mad, call them what you will, but the Seven Psychopaths are now the only hope the world has! In the vein of Inglourious Basterds comes a thrilling story never before released in English!

Codes: 9781608860326


Price: $9.99
$7.99 (20% off)
Artist: Sean Phillips
Author: Fabien Vehlmann
Cover: Sean Phillips
Estimated Ship Date: April 29, 2014
In Stock? Can be backordered, expected to ship in 7-20 days
ISBN: 9781608860326
Publisher: Boom! Studios
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