Barefoot Gen Vol. 8

Barefoot Gen Vol. 8
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Graphic Novel Summary: by Keiji Nakazawa In 1950, Gen is now in middle school, where he meets both a progressive-minded schoolteacher at odds with his conservative superiors, and a brilliant but cynical classmate who challenges the teacher's - and Gen's - values at every turn. Gen also finds himself confronting the corrosive effects on postwar Hiroshima society of drugs and the arms industry. With the Korean War offering new business opportunities, a new generation of death merchants holds sway in Japan. Gen, his teacher mentor, and other peace-minded citizens are forced to struggle against red-baiting school officials, violent nationalists, and government censorship.

Codes: 9780867195996


Price: $14.95
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Artist: Keiji Nakazawa
Author: Keiji Nakazawa
Cover: Keiji Nakazawa
Estimated Ship Date: April 29, 2014
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ISBN: 9780867195996
Publisher: Last Gasp
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