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Gus [Emeritus]
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Dubious honours go to Justice League #5

FYI, Diamond’s retailer site is reporting January 25th, regardless of what the article says that Previews World site is saying.

On our end, I triggered a manual release date update earlier when someone was asking me about that issue.


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Apparently Jim and his wife just had a baby. So congrats to them and hopefully everyone can cut him a bit of slack. One week late isn’t going to kill anyone.


Gus [Emeritus]
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I think the main reason this is getting any play is it’s the first one late and they were making such a huge deal about no lateness.

But I totally agree with Awesome!. I’ve gotten so used to comics being late, one week would barely register a blip for me.

And congrats to Lee on the baby.


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More news on JL # 5, seems it will release on the 18th afterall….…


Gus [Emeritus]
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Normally at this point, if Diamond had the stuff to give to retailers next week, it would be showing ‘in stock’. It says ’Hasn’t shipped’ and has the estimated shipping date as the 25th.

And there’s a holiday Monday.

So my money is still on JL #5 releasing on the 25th.


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Not surprised at all, but a week is hardly even worth mentioning. I suppose it is since they said up and down NO LATENESS, even if it’s at the expense of the usual art team, but with as distinctive as Jim’s pencil’s are, I couldn’t see them finishing out this arc without him.


Gus [Emeritus]
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After this, expect to see pregnancies added to the agenda of DC’s scheduling meetings. ;)


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I think the only reason there’s a major freak out is that this is the main DC comic. It was literally the first one to be released right before september hit with the rest of the 52.

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