Farscape Dargos Lament #3

Comic Cover: Farscape Dargos Lament #3
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Issue Summary: (W) Keith R.A. DeCandido (A) Neil Edwards Ka D'argo lives on, only in this pulse-pounding Farscape mini-series set during the series' third season between episodes 'Revenging Angel' and 'Fractures'! Jool learns more about D'Argo's days as in the Luxan military, serving under General Sterikk, a man who will play a major part in D'Argo's future! Covers by Michael DiPascale and Will Sliney.

Codes: 84428400123600311


Price: $3.99
$3.19 (20% off)
Artist: Neil Edwards
Author: Keith R. A. Decandido
Cover: Michael Dipascale
Will Sliney
Estimated Ship Date: June 23, 2009
In Stock? Yes!
Publisher: Boom! Studios
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