Rasl #4

Comic Cover: Rasl #4
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Issue Summary: (W/A) Jeff Smith Rasl's world is closing in around him and the only way to regain control is to leave it! The multi-dimensional art thief returns to the parallel universe where Dylan isn't Dylan, where he makes startling discoveries about his past -and about the nature of reality itself! Rasl and the lizard-faced killer battle it out as the the origins of the science behind Rasl's inter-dimensional engines are revealed. Rasl himself is faced with a choice: surrender his secrets or spend eternity chasing the lizard-faced assassin through parallel worlds trying to save the people he loves.

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Price: $3.50
$2.80 (20% off)
Artist: Jeff Smith
Author: Jeff Smith
Cover: Jeff Smith
Steve Hamaker
Estimated Ship Date: March 24, 2009
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Publisher: Cartoon Books
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