Sonic The Hedgehog #180

Comic Cover: Sonic The Hedgehog #180
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Issue Summary: by Flynn, Yardley, & Amash 'Preparations for War': Enerjak, the ultimate evil is reborn! His return may result in an unlikely alliance as Sonic and Eggman consider a truce, at least one long enough to prevent the destruction of the entire planet! Plus:'Sonic Rush Adventure'! Straight from the thrilling new Sonic video game of the same name, Sonic and Tails embark on an action-packed adventure and face a mysterious new threat!

Codes: JUL073296


Price: $2.25
$1.80 (20% off)
Author: Flynn
Jim Amash
Estimated Ship Date: September 25, 2007
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Genre: Humor
Publisher: Archie Comic Publications
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