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Proof #15

story ALEX GRECIAN art & cover RILEY ROSSMO 'Thunderbirds are Go!' ends with a bang! And a familiar face returns. DECEMBER 31 • 32 PAGES • FC • $3.50

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Artist: Riley Rossmo
Author: Alex Grecian
Cover: Riley Rossmo
Estimated Ship Date: December 30, 2008
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Publisher: Image Comics
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by BrikHed at 09:44 AM January 02, 2009    (all reviews by BrikHed)
Proof #15 - Spoilers Included First, I will start with the obvious praise that is well deserved - great issue. The book delivered again, just as it does month after month, after month. I am happy to be through this story arc so that I can now sit down and read it all in one sitting. I know there are things that I missed. Alex, the story was great. You brought together a lot of things at one time and pulled it all together to close out this story arc. My biggest complaint to this point is that you are not close enough for me to strangle you because I left with more curiosity and questions now than I had going into this issue. The Rabbi is obviously a much more pivotal figure than we had seen to this point. He knew who Po was and what he was up to and even spoke Mandarin to him (show off). Who is the Rabbi? Joe has come of age and wants to go out on his own? Get an apartment maybe and meet a nice young girl :roll: There is a tall man with no shirt wandering the streets of NY and nobody might notice, what a crazy town. It was interesting to see him not pick either side...but I am sure he will be back. Now Po goes after Ginger? Did she really forget meeting him or is she on his side now? Proof is back in good health and Dragon was really no where to be seen once they leave the cave.. was he ever there? We will never know. I did like to see Proof step in with the crazy mom and see that her son got taken away. It was a small detail but something that shows the character of Proof and a great part of the story. He needs to job on Bella's offer though - she is a cutie :twisted: Marc? What can I say about my boy Marc? He lost his watch... :shock: Riley, the art was incredible as always but to be honest you are going to have a tough time topping what you did in issue #14. So it is hard to say this is a let down but that issue was so incredible that it set a really high bar. I loved the the thunderbird scenes and really liked how you were able to draw in backdrops like the phoenix as the flowed through the story. Question though - was the one alligator supposed to be white? If so is there significance to that one? All-in-all you guys kicked butt again and I am eager to read this whole story arc at one time and get a better feel for the pacing and overall story.
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