Betty & Veronica #238

Comic Cover: Betty & Veronica #238
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Issue Summary: by Gladir, Slate, Slate, Webb & Schulz Veronica decides to train a parrot to do tricks so they can audition for the 'People & Their Pets' TV competition - but it seems the parrot's best trick is a disappearing act! Can Betty, in her guise of 'Nancy Clue, Girl Detective,' track down the 'fowl felon' who perpetrated the parrot purloining? Then, the N-TV awards are the hottest ticket in town, so naturally the girls need to be at their stylish best when they attend the show! Finally, it's three cheers for girly-girls - in Veronica's world, all a cheerleader really needs to do is physically show up!

Codes: 06281646748423811


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Artist: Jeff Shultz.
Author: Various
Cover: Na
Estimated Ship Date: October 21, 2008
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Publisher: Archie Comic Publications
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