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Comic Cover: Walking Dead #56
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Walking Dead #56

story ROBERT KIRKMAN art & cover CHARLIE ADLARD & CLIFF RATHBURN FIVE YEARS OF THE WALKING DEAD! From its humble beginnings five years ago The Walking Dead has grown into an undisputable cult hit. In this special anniversary issue the characters we've grown to love look back on how this world has affected them, what they've gained and what they've lost... and a look ahead at where they go from here. OCTOBER 29 • 32 PAGES • BW • $2.99 RETAILER WARNING: MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES

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Artist: Charlie Adlard
Cliff Rathburn
Author: Robert Kirkman
Cover: Charlie Adlard
Cliff Rathburn
Estimated Ship Date: October 28, 2008
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Publisher: Image Comics
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by TJIC at 08:43 AM December 18, 2008    (all reviews by TJIC)
On of the more boring issues recently. There's roughly zero action. One character has a crisis of faith (which was interesting the first 40 or so times it happened in the zombie post-apocalypse, but it's getting a bit old now), and one zombie pops up and gets capped. Eh. I'm looking forward to some excitement.
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by arnoneofthedead at 02:36 PM December 18, 2008
i disagree, it's good to see rick stepping up once again as alpha dog. and i just want to say i can't wait till rick pulls the trigger on this new abe guy, don't like or trust him. but to be honest...i'm a huge walking dead fanboy...and i love every issue
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by BrikHed at 05:14 PM December 20, 2008
are you kidding me? this was an incredible issue, Rick gets back to being himself for the first time in almost 6 issues and Abe goes nuts at the end, lots of action all around....
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by arnoneofthedead at 06:56 AM December 21, 2008
i agree
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by Easterday at 01:15 PM December 21, 2008
what do you expect man... he did kill off pretty much the entire cast just 6 issues ago. Plus, don't you think after how ever long of being in a zombie post-apocalypse they would have a better clue about how to evade Z more often. Have faith in the Kirkman!
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