Betty #175

Comic Cover: Betty #175
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Issue Summary: by Gladir, Golliher, Pellowski & Goldberg Convinced Archie is stepping out with a harem of girls, Betty tosses all reminders of him away… but are things really as they seem? Can Betty and Archie be 'Fast Food Friends' when she learns she's Archie's new boss at the burger joint? Betty and the young girl she mentors have so much in common they're practically clone, but is it a 'Mentor Mismatch' where their their opinions on Archie are concerned? Finally, Betty dreams of searching for a mystery object at a flea market, and the next morning goes to the flea market to seek it out, even though she has no idea what it is!

Codes: 06281646753817511


Price: $2.25
$1.80 (20% off)
Artist: Stan Goldberg
Author: Various
Cover: Stan Goldberg
Estimated Ship Date: August 5, 2008
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Publisher: Archie Comic Publications
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