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Comic Cover: Echo #4
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Echo #4

by Terry Moore HeNRI developed the world's first liquid metal atomic weapon. Now, like it or not, Julie Martin is wearing that metal and is forced to run to keep HeNRI from continuing their deadly development! With no allies but a delusional sister and a park ranger to help her, Julie must find a way to become something she's never been before - brave!

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Artist: Terry Moore
Author: Terry Moore
Cover: Terry Moore
Estimated Ship Date: June 24, 2008
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Publisher: Abstract Studios
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by The Watchtower Podcast at 07:42 AM July 15, 2008    (all reviews by The Watchtower Podcast)
Terry Moore’s great action-adventure story continues here as we get a little bit of backstory on the woman who’s life was sacrificed when Julie inherited her supersuit. But of course, we learn all this stuff just as the army confronts Julie and all hell breaks loose. This issue also features one of the most gruesome crime scenes in recent memory (and I read The Boys!), making me glad that Echo is in black and white! For more, check us out at
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