Gold Digger #201

Comic Cover: Gold Digger #201
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Issue Summary: The Amazons of Jade have a unique case for Gina: A group of Athle (primitive, male Amazons) have become too inquisitive and ventured into a portal from Jade to Florida! Gina, Brianna and Amazon Queen Jehysa must track down the little lost bishies before their magical abilities cause too much trouble. Fortunately, Gina has fully armed and operational 'stud-finder'!

Codes: 61072107010920111


Price: $3.99
$3.19 (20% off)
Artist: Fred Perry
Author: Fred Perry
Cover: Fred Perry
Estimated Ship Date: May 29, 2013
June 26, 2013
May 6, 2014
In Stock? Yes!
Publisher: Antarctic Press
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