Betty & Veronica #234

Comic Cover: Betty & Veronica #234
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Issue Summary: by Gladir, Webb & Shultz After 'A Battle Royal' it looks like the damage is irreparable and Betty and Veronica's friendship is over for good. But then again, appearances can be deceiving! Then, it's the return of Cricket O'Dell, the girl who can sniff out money - and just in time, as Veronica has lost her first-ever $100 bill. With Cricket 'On the Trail of the Scent,' it literally has 'scent'-imental value! And now, let's pause for a word from Riverdale's teens, as the girls enter a homemade commercial contest with 'Ads That Add Up!'

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Artist: Webb
Shultz After
Author: Webb
Shultz After
Cover: Webb
Shultz After
Estimated Ship Date: March 4, 2008
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Genre: Humor
Publisher: Archie Comic Publications
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