Punisher Nightmare #2

Comic Cover: Punisher Nightmare #2
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Issue Summary: A FIVE-PART, FIVE WEEK PUNISHER EVENT! A Special Forces soldier is injured and his family killed in the midst of a mob execution in Central Park, but this isn't Frank Castle. This time it's a young soldier named JAKE NIMAN, but the familiar story puts Frank on the path of punishment! As Jake Niman heals from his wounds, why is he growing strangely stronger? And who is the mysterious Johnny Nightmare? Bullets fly, anarchy reigns, allies become enemies, the Punisher becomes the punished, and no one is safe!!!

Codes: 75960606843200211


Price: $3.99
$3.19 (20% off)
Artist: Mark Texeira
Author: Scott Gimple
Cover: Mark Texeira
Estimated Ship Date: January 8, 2013
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Publisher: Marvel Comics
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