Supercrooks #3

Comic Cover: Supercrooks #3
Supercrooks #3 (Cover #1) Supercrooks #3 (Cover #2)

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Issue Summary: Johnny Bolt has gathered a group of super-villain friends from his past to pull off the biggest robbery in history. The real surprise--the victim's identity! But things go horribly wrong and it's too late to turn back. The greatest super-villain of all time might have amassed a billion dollar fortune, but he's not going to be easy to steal from. A massive secret in the American superhero community might just work in their favor

Codes: 75960607799100311


Price: $2.99
$2.39 (20% off)
Artist: Leinil Francis Yu
Author: Mark Millar
Cover: Leinil Francis Yu
Estimated Ship Date: May 6, 2014
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Publisher: Marvel Comics
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