Blue Estate #9

Comic Cover: Blue Estate #9
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Issue Summary: story VIKTOR KALVACHEV & ANDREW OSBORNE art VIKTOR KALVACHEV, TOBY CYPRESS & NATHAN FOX cover VIKTOR KALVACHEV 'SURVIVAL INSTINCT' Bullets and bodily fluids fly when uneasy allies face off against ruthless killers in part nine of this fast, funny 100% cool smash hit crime series. See who gets iced, who turns up the heat and who fancies a shag in a Hollywood hot tub as Blue Estate enters the home stretch! (But wait! There's moreat!)

Codes: 70985301015900911


Price: $2.99
$2.39 (20% off)
Artist: Viktor Kalvachev
Author: Viktor Kalvachev
Cover: Viktor Kalvachev
Estimated Ship Date: February 7, 2012
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Publisher: Image Comics
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