Betty #171

Comic Cover: Betty #171
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Issue Summary: by George Gladir, Mike Pellowski, & Stan Goldberg The winter blues are that much bluer for Betty when Veronica emails photos of her Hawaiian vacation to Betty as 'Consolation.' Someone needs to 'Hold the Phone' when Archie and Betty mix their cell phones up - which spells big trouble for Veronica when she sends text messages to try to ditch a night out with Betty in favor of a date with Archie! When stress has Betty utterly exhausted, Veronica introduces her to 'The Treatment' of the pampered spa life! Betty makes a 'Clean Sweep' of the TV room so she and Archie can watch a movie - but with a scary movie and bowl of popcorn on the agenda, can it stay clean for long?

Codes: 76281646753717111


Price: $2.25
$1.80 (20% off)
Author: Stan Goldberg
Mike Pellowski
George Gladir
Artist: Stan Goldberg
Mike Pellowski
George Gladir
Cover: Stan Goldberg
Mike Pellowski
George Gladir
Estimated Ship Date: January 15, 2008
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Genre: Humor
Publisher: Archie Comic Publications
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