Blue Estate #3

Comic Cover: Blue Estate #3
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Issue Summary: story VIKTOR KALVACHEV & ANDREW OSBORNE art VIKTOR KALVACHEV, NATHAN FOX, TOBY CYPRESS & ROBERT VALLEY cover VIKTOR KALVACHEV 'KING OF THE JUNGLE' It's hard telling the predators from the prey in part three of this fast, funny 100% cool new series! Up-and-coming mobsters Alyosha the Lion and Tony Luciano think they're kings of the jungle...but their reign may be cut short by forces on both sides of the law. Featuring art by VIKTOR KALVACHEV (PHERONE, DMZ, The Incredibles), NATHAN FOX (Invincible Iron Man, Pigeons From Hell), TOBY CYPRESS (Batman/Nightwing), ROBERT VALLEY (Gorillaz, Tron), written by Emmy Award winning screenwriter ANDREW OSBORNE.

Codes: 70985301015900311


Price: $2.99
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Artist: Various
Author: Viktor Kalvachev
Cover: Viktor Kalvachev
Estimated Ship Date: May 17, 2011
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Publisher: Image Comics
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