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Comic Cover: 28 Days Later #22
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28 Days Later #22

(W) Michael Alan Nelson (A) Alejandro Aragon Why would Selena enter the hell she escaped more than a year ago? We finally learn the reason Selena agreed to go back to London. But as she searches for closure and Clint is about to finish his story, they both realize their survival depends on one another! If you loved the 28 Days Later movies, this is the comic book you should be reading! Cover by Sean Phillips.

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Artist: Ale Aragon
Author: Michael Alan Nelson
Cover: Sean Phillips
Estimated Ship Date: April 12, 2011
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Publisher: Boom! Studios
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by Cameron at 09:05 AM May 18, 2011    (all reviews by Cameron)
As the series is finishing up, this issue starts to connect the merge the story of Selena with the opening events of the second film. I thought it was well written and intriguing how Michael Alan Nelson ended the book.
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by Chandler at 03:20 AM May 25, 2011
thanks for your review. i loved the film but didn't know that it's in comics as well. will have to buy the whole series when i got some spare change.
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