Betty & Veronica #180

Comic Cover: Betty & Veronica #180
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Issue Summary: by Dan Parent 'Love Can Be Nasty' in Riverdale! Cheryl Blossom is tired of competing with Betty and Veronica for Archie's affections. Likewise, Reggie is tired of competing with Archie for dates with Betty and Veronica. Guess it's time for Reggie and Cheryl to form an alliance to solve this once and for all! But will putting their heads together result in their hearts coming together, too? It's the romantic jigsaw puzzle of the year, as only the matchmakers (and breakers) at Archie Comics could conceive it!

Codes: 06281646855918011


Price: $2.49
$1.99 (20% off)
Author: Dan Parent
Artist: Dan Parent
Estimated Ship Date: December 11, 2007
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Genre: Humor
Publisher: Archie Comic Publications
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