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Comic Cover: Neonomicon #4
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Issue Summary: (W) Alan Moore (A/C) Jacen Burrows The cataclysmic final issue of the all-new, all Alan Moore, horror series spoken of only in hushed whispers for years is finally here! NEONOMICON, the sequel to THE COURTYARD Graphic Novel, is slithering its way onto shelves to take its place as a Great Old One of comics terror! Illustrated by Moore's favorite demented artist, Jacen Burrows, NEONOMICON pulls no punches as every full-colored page is covered in nightmares brought to gruesome life! Agent Brears has, quite literally, been to hell and back. Hell just happens to look like a network of tunnels beneath an esoteric little bookstore in Salem, Mass. But now that Brears has walked out of hell, she can see things that most people can't. Things that would drive most people mad. But as NEONOMICON draws to a close, Brears has one more thing she wants to show you... Alan Moore's Neonomicon #4 is available with a Regular and Wraparound covers by Jacen Burrows and a special rare Book of the Dead retailer incentive. MATURE THEMES

Codes: 82002300756104011


Price: $3.99
$3.19 (20% off)
Artist: Jacen Burrows
Author: Alan Moore
Cover: Jacen Burrows
Jacen Burrows
Jacen Burrows
Jacen Burrows
Estimated Ship Date: March 22, 2011
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Publisher: Avatar Press Inc
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