Betty #170

Comic Cover: Betty #170
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Issue Summary: by Slate, Gladir, Pellowski & Goldberg Betty tries to relieve Archie's math stress by giving him the gift of tutoring in 'A Case of Stressmas,' but what about the gift she gives to relieve Veronica's stress? Plus, when Archie and Adam learn Betty likes collecting penguin figures, no flea market or antique store can restock them fast enough for 'The Collector!' When klutzy Archie helps the Coopers decorate their Christmas tree, is it 'Miracle Work' or doomsday for the ornaments? Finally, when Veronica jets off to Paris, Betty ponders whether it's worth being Archie's 'Second-Hand Girl' for the Winter Wonderland dance.

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Genre: Humor
Publisher: Archie Comic Publications
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